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Hunter-Wolff Art Gallery

Hunter-Wolff Art Gallery in Old colorado City Hunter-Wolff Gallery offers a diverse collection of museum-quality fine art to ignite your imagination, fuel your passion and inspire your decorating style.
Owner Sharon Wolff carefully selects the finest works of art by a select group of artists specializing in oil, watercolor, pastel, and mixed medium in a wide range of styles. Browse Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s ever-changing collection and experience true artistry from Colorado.
You will also find some of the finest bronze sculpture, ceramics, blown and fused glass and wearable art jewelry among the diverse collection of wall art. Stop by to visit one of Southern Colorado’s best art values and see why Hunter-Wolff Gallery has received "Best of the Best" awards year over year.

This Month's Featured Artists

Drinking in the Beauty

During September, Hunter-Wolff Gallery promises to quench your thirst for beautiful, affordable art not by one but many dedicated artists.
This month offers a special opportunity for collectors at our upcoming Opening Reception on September 5 to enjoy a live painting demonstration and the new oil collection by Texas artist Janelle Cox plus new additions by Clifford T. Bailey, Karen Pierce and Marc Jenesel, Gary Vigen, Patrice Walker (see left image), Justin Clements, Kerry Brooks, Tony Heslop and more.
As you may know, we have dozens of fine artists. Some are from Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, and Oregon, and all specialize in original works that are not only visually appealing, but which radiate the personality, abilities, creativity, inspiration, technical mastery, attitudes, and brilliance of the artist who created it.
It is Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s mission to ensure that those who collect art from us are not only able to experience these qualities, but also be inspired and uplifted by the diversity of our offerings. We want you to experience the unmistakable positive effects of owning beautiful artwork. In other words, we want to quench your thirst for the kind of artwork that improves the quality of your life.
There are many benefits to owning original art; however, the most important one by far is simply for the love of it. Although only original artwork provides the unique mark of an artist - a document of their creativity and energy - it should be appreciated and give many years of joy to the owner.

Avoid 5 Art Buying Mistakes

When buying art, you can avoid these mistakes and save yourself from buyer’s regret and disappointment.
Mistake #1: Selecting art because it matches a color scheme.
Color schemes are common and finding art to complement rather than contrast its surroundings is desirable. With so many options and unique styles to select from, however, why settle for something only because it matches a color scheme or your sofa when you can find a piece you love because it has meaning to you? The color palette in an art piece may seem important, but consider “building” a room around a beautiful piece that will become a focal point or conversational piece in your home.
Find art that makes you feel good. You will likely replace your sofa several times in your lifetime but how often do you replace good art? The goal is to create a setting that gives you joy and finding art that you absolutely love will do that every day.
Mistake #2: Failing to take time to look closely at the quality of your art choice.
In today’s art market, you can easily be fooled by reproduction art and art knockoffs that are mass-produced or not produced from archival materials. The best rule is to remember, “you get what you pay for”. Finding a bargain may seem like a windfall, but when you are forced to replace your art because it faded, cracked or crumbled, you will regret not investing in quality work that could have been enjoyed for generations. Ask about the materials and buy from reputable galleries that carry professional artists who use quality materials.
Mistake #3: Allowing inexperience to hinder you from loving art.
Art isn’t the mystery you think it is if you buy what you love. If you feel you need more experience or understanding about art before purchasing, visit with those who have the knowledge like the staff at Hunter-Wolff Gallery for a quick tutorial. Artists and art representatives will be happy to help you understand the difference between low and high quality art and help you with ideas to take baby steps before purchasing. Look for a reputable gallery and take time to meet artists at events like ArtWalk. Like anything new, take your time and do some research beforehand. Try visiting different galleries, talking to artists, gathering information from art magazines or taking an art appreciation class to become more knowledgeable. If you have limited time to invest, ask a friend who knows about art to accompany you when making a first-time purchase.
Mistake #4: Buying what someone else “thinks” is smart.
How many times have you made a purchasing decision because someone said, “buy it, it’s great!”—then regretted that decision. Or, decided against buying something you loved because someone said something that made you question your own decision-making process. The worst mistake is listening to what someone else likes or doesn’t like. Buying art is personal and a reflection of your personality. It should make you feel great, not reflect someone else’s idea of what is great. Collectors rarely buy because something is fashionable or popular. They buy it because they love it. Follow your instincts and develop your own style. If the art in your home lifts you up, gives you pleasure and transports you to another world, you will never regret your decision.
Mistake #5: Failing to maintain and care for the art you own.
Different types of art require different methods of maintenance. For example, original watercolor and pastel paintings should be framed under glass, and original oil paintings should be varnished to protect it. Fine art should never be displayed in direct sunlight or handled directly with the fingers. When shopping at Hunter-Wolff Gallery, be sure to ask about the care of your art if you are not familiar with something you buy to ensure its integrity and longevity.

March 13, 2013: Hunter-Wolff Gallery voted 'Best of the Springs 2013'

Today, I stand a little taller and my smile is a little bit bigger. I was just notified that Hunter-Wolff Gallery received its 8th honor from you (our devoted fans!), and voted the Best of the Springs. It is exciting to receive the honor of being recognized as a top gallery in a competitive market! When the public votes for their favorite business, and there are so many options, being named as “Best of the Springs” is thrilling. Hunter-Wolff Gallery is not the most senior art gallery, not the biggest, not the most cutting-edge, and there are so many things we can say we are not. But today we can say, we are “The Best of the Springs”. Read more

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